TOP 25 CHRISTMAS GIFTS FOR 2020 (According to personalities)

Top 25 Christmas Gifts For 2020 (According to personalities)



Late Christmas Shopping? Don´t worry, we've got your back.
Holiday shopping is stressful. You have to spend money you don't have, and have to figure out what's the perfect gift for a determined person, that probably you know nothing about. Not to say that you have to get party decorations, host dinners, receive related in your house, entertaining guests, or visiting loved ones…
This can take a lot of time and can increase your stress levels. According to the American Psychological Association, 8 out of 10 people experience increased stress levels over the holidays.
If holidays are stressful in the best years, what to say about this. After this catastrophic, full of changes year, how things are going to be this holiday can cause anxiety. A lot of people couldn't' visited their loved ones, or having big reunions.
That's why this year you needed to put in an extra effort with some gifts, to cheer that special one holidays. A lot of the Christmas Shopping is happening online, and people just send directly the gift from the store to the person. Deliveries are delayed, or taking more time than usual, stores are getting out of stock…and so on.


Is worthless to say do not stress, but being aware of how this can be a problem to you, in Jewels Genie we wanted to gift you something: our top best 25 Christmas Gifts, according to the personality of the person. Jewels are always going to be a well-received gift. If you need help with sizes, we have a blog post about Jewelry Sizing where you'll find out everything about the measure and even some tips for getting jewelry to another person. Also, we added some non-jewelry gifts, so you have plenty of options.  
We want you to have a great time, to enjoy with the ones you can, to feel the spirit, be grateful for just being alive in a pandemic, and start a new year with your energy renewed.

Our top 5 Gifts

These are our top 5 choices for Christmas 2020. We made a study and choose these products according to trends and our sales. 

  1. Luxury Moissanite Silver RingThis precious 925 sterling silver ring has a moissanite gemstone. Moissanite has a luster similar to a real diamond and is in total harmony with the encrusted zircons that surround it. A fine jewelry ring, in a classic style, perfects to give elegance and beautify the outfit of every woman. This gift will be left anyone speechless
    Amethyst Gemstone Silver Bracelet
  2. Amethyst Gemstone Silver Bracelet: This Bracelet will make feel anyone sophisticated, made with a 925 sterling silver bracelet with amethyst stone and covered with a rose gold layer. Chic in style, this chain bracelet combines oval amethysts surrounded by zircons and cute hearts for a romantic touch. This beautiful simple and elegant jewel at the same time is versatile because you can use it both on a formal and casual occasion. 
  3. Stainless Steel Yin Yang Pendant Necklace: The two essential opposing forces in the universe are represented in this precious stainless steel and ceramic Yin Yang necklace. Made of finely polished ceramic, transparent glaze, and embellished with cubic zirconia, this pendant will make you look elegant and spectacular on any occasion. Wear jewelry that expresses your inner self
    Ultra Thin Women's Wristwatch
  4. Ultra Thin Women's Wristwatch: Luxury ladies quartz wristwatch with steel or leather strap, equipped with a hardness coated glass mirror, safety folding clasp, and water resistance. Available in four colors reminiscent of malachite and the sky with its stars, this watch is your perfect choice to create a casual and charming look for any occasion. Comes both in leather and mesh. No one ever has enough watches!
  5. Moissanite Stone Silver Earrings:  925 sterling silver earrings with Moissanite gemstone. These earrings are ideal for looking glamorous, classic, and delicate. Its rose gold-tone and impressive shine will enchant everyone, a beautiful piece to admire. Use it on that special occasion and stand out with your beauty.

Want to know more about silver? Check this post about Silver, and learn how many kinds of silver are and how to take care of your silver. 

Gifts According to Personalities

When making a gift, is always important to keep in mind who is the gift destined to. And this is important because maybe the clue to giving the perfect gift is to take into count that person's style and taste. That's why we made a shot categorization on gifts depending on people's personalities. We really hope you find it useful!


Does she cry with any romantic comedy movies? This is the perfect gift for her. These jewels are elegant and cute, they are delicate and perfect for romantic women or girls

  1. Romantic Daisy Silver Ring:925 sterling silver ring with a delicate daisy flower design. Daisies are the main piece of this ring and form a row of 3 flowers that surround the ring. Take with you the essence of nature, it will make you look romantic and youthful. This simple but elegant gift.
  2. Heart Crystal From Swarovski Stud Earrings: Swarovski crystals are a classic. These precious earrings with Swarovski crystals in the shape of a heart finely surrounded by zircons are elegant, delicate, comfortable to wear, and with a soft texture and a cute romantic style.
  3. Natural Blue Mystic Quartz Silver Earrings: These earrings are made from 925 sterling silver earrings with mystic quartz. A fine work of jewelry where quartz is the main protagonist. It has a Catalan closure and a beautiful leaf design that culminates in a cute heart. Its romantic style will make you look charming and will fill your outfit with elegance.SILVER NECKLACE WITH CRYSTAL HEART ANGEL WING PENDANTS
  4. Silver Necklace with Crystal Heart Angel Wing Pendants: This necklace is beautiful, attractive, and shiny. Made with 925 sterling silver chain necklace, adorned with an extraordinary heart-shaped pendant with Swarovski crystals. They come in different colors and will look great on almost any kind of face.
  5. Silver Necklaces With 3 Hearts Custom Intertwined: Custom jewelry always goes directly to the heart. Made with 926 sterling silver, this necklace with 3 intertwined hanging hearts is a delicate and original gift.


This person is daring, intrepid, audacious. Don't hesitate on using colors and ultimate trends. Probably loves outstanding jewelry, is always following the last trends.

  1. Evil Eye Hoop Earrings: This kind of symbol is used as an amulet against the evil eye and evil energies, but they're all over in fashion. These earrings are finely adorned with crystals, which give them a charming glow. They are available in gold and silver.CRYSTAL HUMMINGBIRD SILVER BRACELET
  2. Crystal Hummingbird Silver Bracelet: This bracelet is a dream design formed by the magical hummingbird and an acacia leaf. Has a classic style that suits any occasion, made with 925 sterling silver.
  3. Leaf Silver Earrings For Women: These earrings and a nature lover are a perfect match. Made with 925 sterling silver, has a leaf-shaped pendant. They have a long chain, recalling the richness of the earth, the soft autumn leaves. This kind of earrings stylizes your face and adds elegance to any formal or casual outfit.
  4. Vivid Butterfly Wristwatch: This girly watch is decorated with a beautiful three-dimensional butterfly on the dial, giving it an attractive and romantic appearance. Equipped with a hardness coated glass mirror, lightweight is water resistance and it is comfortable and perfect for daily use.
  5. Round Bracelet Watch Ladies: Beautiful casual ladies wristwatch with a braided leather bracelet. The leather bracelets that accompany this watch give it a very original vintage touch. Featuring a snap closure, finely embellished with zircons, a ball chain, and leather in pretty colors.


This person loves to dance, loves music, painting, nature…is passionate about something and especially about life. A dreamer, always positive. Make them know you appreciate her and value what their passion is.DANCE BALLET ANGEL PENDANT NECKLACE

  1. Dance Ballet Angel Pendant Necklace: A modern take on an iconic piece. Beautiful double necklace with a ring surrounded by white crystals and a crystal-set ballerina pendant. It is delicately crafted with crystals that adorn the ballerina's dress, capturing her grace and elegance. Show a ballerina how much you admire her for her passion.
    Vintage Chain With Hummingbird Pendant
  2. Vintage Chain With Hummingbird Pendant: For a nature lover, this chain is a beautifully enameled alloy hummingbird pendant necklace. Combined with colors, it is a versatile piece to create any outfit. The hummingbird is viewed in other cultures as a bird of universal connection. Take the charm of the birds with this cute garment.
    Silver Necklace with hamsa hand opal stone pendant
  3. Silver Necklace with hamsa hand opal stone pendant: this necklace is made with 925 sterling silver necklace, features a Hamsa Hand pendant with exotic opal stone. Evoking the beautiful blue color of the ocean, this opal necklace is surrounded by zircons that give it an enchanting shine. Give this to someone spiritual, that does yoga or has a strong faith.
    Natural Amethyst Gemstone Silver Ring
  4. Natural Amethyst Gemstone Silver Ring: Gemstones will be always appreciated. This ring has a dazzling 925 sterling silver ring with natural amethyst stone. Has a spectacular ring in shades of orange, gold, yellow and purple, and holds a special meaning because it represents prosperity, recollection, faith, and abundance, aspects for which we must always be grateful. Wish her all these good things with this ring. Is the perfect gift for someone superstitious
    Cute Flying Wings Silver Earrings
  5. Cute Flying Wings Silver Earrings: For dreamers, these earrings made from 925 sterling silver earrings with cubic zircons, are classic style earrings with a geometric pattern inspired by flying wings that features a zirconia center stone embellished with a mosaic of sparkling zircons for a touch of elegance. 



This bonus list is for not-so jewelry lovers. If you are not sure about giving jewelry, this list is for you:

Gold Professional Makeup Brushes Set
  1. Gold Professional Makeup Brushes Set: brushes are makeup essential. The finish of your makeup depends on them, so make sure you get good quality bushes that fit your needs. This set features 9 nylon brushes, perfect for applying any liquid or in cream. They come in different sizes and shapes, so you get from foundation brushes to eyeshadow.

    : keeping your lips hydrated is not just a vanity thing, is a health issue. Without healthy lips, your lipstick will look cracked and opaque. This lip balm has the perfect size so you can carry it with you all time, and has all aloe benefits in one lipstick. All the vitamins come together in this product to instantly hydrate lips and leave them looking soft and plump.
    Pearl Pigments Body Highlighter
  3. Pearl Pigments Body Highlighter: are you familiarized with body highlighter? This stylizes your body, it can be used both in your body and face. It is a gel-based formula with light-reflecting pearl pigments that give the most insanely smooth and glossy finish. The formula blends easily into the skin for a streak-free finish that's perfect for buffing into any area of the body you want to glow like a goddess. The product glides on effortlessly, without streaking; creating a dewy, shimmering sunlit glow that lasts for hours.
    Who doesn't love a little glitter? With this product, you can give shine and glamor to someone!
    Anti-Smudge Cream Concealer
  4. Anti-Smudge Cream Concealer: We are always needing concealer. Whether if it's to hide dark spots or just acne, concealer is a must for every makeup bag. But, concealer has to be high quality and appropriate for your skin type, because is going to get in touch with the most sensitive areas of your face. This anti-smudge concealer has an oil-control and moisturizer effect, skin luster, and light touch formula that make eyes more attractive and bright. The cream is delicate and it can deeply moisten the skin. It is close to the natural concealment of the skin.
    Vegetal Essence Hand Cream
  5. Vegetal Essence Hand Cream: Hand cream never hurts, they are so necessary! And with these pandemic measures, we have to constantly wash our hands and applying alcohol, this makes our hands dry. Keep them healthy and hydrated with hand cream, anyone will appreciate this gift!  Also, leaves your skin leaves it with a divine fragrance. Its texture is refreshing and delicate, which can effectively help the skin to replenish the required moisture and make it smooth and delicate. Coming in 8 fragrances, you have plenty of options that suit anyone's taste. 


 If you are looking for specific gifts for your mom, this post is for you! With 19 gifts for your mom that she will really appreciate, we picked our favorites.

Don't get so stressed about holiday shopping. Wrap your gifts with love, and everything should be fine! 

Merry Christmas! 

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