7 Valentine's Printable Cards for Free+ Inspirational Words [And 20 Phrases]

7 Valentine's Printable Cards for Free [And 20 Phrases for them]

Valentine's Day is celebrated on February 14th, and it is a special day for our family. It is the perfect opportunity to show others how much you love them, and that you are very thankful to have them in your life. 
Giving gifts is important, but we think that no gift is completed without some love words to accompany it.
That's what Valentine's Day cards are. A way to add personalization to the gift, to add a part of you. 
In stores, there are tons of cards for an inexpensive price. But they are generic cards. We decided to give away these cards made from our team of experts, with special care, for you to add the message you like.
These cards are optimized to print them or just to share them on social media. Please don't forget to tag us!

Valentine Card Tik Tok GameHappy Valentine's Day Card With a Heat BalloomValentine's Card with a Flower

Valentine's Card with Flower
Valentine's Card with a Teddy Bear and a BalloomValentine's Card Love YouHappy Valentine's Day Card Red

For the not-writing skilled 

Writing is a skill that for some comes naturally, but for others is difficult to achieve. And that's ok, not everyone is born to write. Still, adding your own words of affection to your card is important, so we gather a list of phrases organized by receiver. 

Phrases for your card 

And if you are definitely not a writer like...at all, we list our favorite Valentine's messages for you so you can add them to your card.

For lovers

Well, this is practically why Valentine's exist, to celebrate love. This is a great opportunity to spending some quality time with your couple. If you're in a long-relationship, normally some things are missed. Simple things and traditions like little kisses of goodnight or having a date. Routine consume us. That's when Valentine's can play in your favor. Surprise your couple by giving them a detail or a big gift. The important thing is to have the intention. 

  1. Thanks for being the love of my life 
  2. From all romantic movies on earth, ours is my favorite
  3. I just wish I can make you half as happy as you make me 
  4. Every day is a good day to love you, but I just wanted to make you feel very special 
  5. I don't think my life would be the same without you.

    For friends

    We love saying thanks to our friends! Friendships and actually every relation is based on how much effort you put on it, like plants. Maybe you are not the closest to that person, or in touch every day. But it's all about the details of life, and worrying to give your friend something special on this day, will make him o her very happy.

    1. Besties for life
    2. We can't stop being friends...we already know too much about the other! 
    3. Friends are the biggest treasure one can have 
    4. I don't know what I did to deserve a friend like you!
    5. You make a tear into a smile, a fury into a laugh, and a sad life into a happy one 


    Sometimes we focus Valentine's Day just for friends a couple, and we leave behind one of the most important parts of our life: family. Use these phrases to let your blood know how important are they to you. 

    1. (Dad) You'll be forever my first love
    2. Every day is a good day to say thank you to the most wonderful person on this earth.
    3. Of all kinds of love I've received, my mom's (or member of the family) love is the best.
    4. Many people promise to love, but yours is so big and pure that is over promises 
    5. I'm happy that you are part of my life as I'm part of yours!

    Fun messages:

    Use these phrases to match your fun personality. It will surely make that person smile and after all, that's what you want. 

    1. Happy Valentine's...or whatever, let's just drink wine. 
    2. Oh, yes, Happy Valentine's or JustAnExcuseToMakeUsFeelMiserable day 
    3. Will you be my ValeWine date? 
    4. They say love is blind...and it must be if he (or she) chooses you...
    5. Let's celebrate love, by making it. 




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